AVERDA officially launches its activities in Brazzaville

After an experimental phase of five months, Congo Environmental Service Averda, saw its activities entering full gear in Brazzaville on the 8 February 2016. The ceremony took place at the Brazzaville Town Hall in the presence of the city’s mayor, Hugues Ngouélondélé, who officially launched the company’s activities.

In the presence of departmental and municipal councillors of the Brazzaville City council, authorities of Groupe-AVERDA and several participants, the ceremony was marked by two addresses. The address made by MAYSARAH SUKKAR, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe-AVERDA and the address from the Mayor of Brazzaville read by Jean François APOKO, Housing and Urban Planning Adviser for the Deputy Mayor of Brazzaville. With the launching of this company, the city of Brazzaville through its council administration is facing a new dawn through the improvement of its image by addressing the issue of clearing of domestic waste, street cleaning and treatment and disposal of waste which have always been a nightmare. The arrival of the company has also put an end to all forms of speculations and it was so much awaited that it has enabled Brazzaville to make a giant technological stride in the management of domestic waste. According to CEO MAYSARAH SUKKAR, this new operator, better known as CES AVERDA (Congo Environmental Services), is a branch of Groupe AVERDA and is present in 13 countries, in the Middle East, in Europe and in Africa. According to JEAN François APOKOS, Housing and Urban Planning Adviser for the Deputy Mayor of Brazzaville, the services provided by this new operator are quite convincing given that the latter was selected after thorough investigations in services and cities it has served in the past. In conformity with the contract binding this company to Brazzaville and to the Congolese Government, execution of the various services shall be in stages. It is in April 2016 that the operator will work in the 9 municipalities of the capital. The ritual launching of activities was presided over the President of the departmental and municipal council, Deputy-mayor of Brazzaville, Hugues Ngouélondélé.


AVERDA  lance officiellement ses activités à Brazzaville
AVERDA officially launches its activities in Brazzaville