Backhoe Loaders to Improve Sanitation in Brazzaville

The esplanade of Brazzaville’s City Hall was packed on Wednesday, July 8, 2015, on the occasion of the delivery of sanitation equipment to the mayors of the boroughs. The Deputy Mayor of Brazzaville, Hugues Ngouelondele, precided over the event, which is part of an effort to strengthen the operational capacities of the districts of Brazzaville to improve sanitation in the city.

This occaision marked the second delivery of sanitation equipement to Brazzaville’s districts. A third delivery of equipement is also envisioned. According to Jean François Apoko, Advisor on Urbanization and Housing, “the mayors of the districtis of Brazzaville now have the equipemment to make our city clean and green.”

In addition to supporting prepartions for the 10th edition of FESPAM and the hosting of guests during the 11th African Games, the backhow loaders will help manage sanitation in the city during the rainy season. The mayors of the districts of Brazzaville have thus been called upon to redouble their efforts to improve garbage collection and waste collection and clean gutters. The acquisition of sanitation equipement is the result of the combined efforts of the Commune of Brzzaville and the Government of the Republic, led by President Denis Sassou Nguesso.

According to Frédéric Privat Ndeke, Mayor of the 6th district of Brazzaville, “this initiative will consolidate the regular work we always do. In the past, we also received backhoes; I think this provision of sanitation equipment should give us more courage to work. It should not be that these materials stand as monuments, instead they should be used to benefit our people.” Mr. Ndeke further praised the large-scale remediation work that had begun in his administrative district.

“Currently, we are leveling the side streets and secondary avenues by ridding them of tree trunks, car wrecks, and pieces of concrete that obstruct free movement. We are tasked with improving all roads in preparation for the 11th African games that will take place in our city,” Mr. Ndeke concluded.

Le Député Maire de la ville de Brazzaville Hugues NGOUELONDELE, remettant les contacts des tractopelles et motos tricycles au secrétaire général Abraham IBELA