A cultural gallery in memory of the artist painter Hilarion Ndinga

In his capacity as patron of the ceremony, the Deputy-mayor of Brazzaville on Thursday December 24 2015, inaugurated the new cultural centre which integrates the accompaniment of cultural industries, contained in the local development programme of the city of Brazzaville.

Implanted in the heart of Poto-Poto, the Hilarion Ndinga cultural centre comes as an answer to the last wish of the artist painter, to see his house transformed into a cultural and memorial centre for the younger generation. The painter’s great-grand daughter used the right words to present the artist as a pioneer in the expression of secular arts which he succeeded to blend with foreign culture. It was at the age of 12 that this child became familiar with painting. At that early age, the painter travelled to other African countries to affirm his art and to confront it with that of other painters, without forgetting his own tradition. It is in this regard that he particularly travelled particularly across West Africa in search of another form of inspiration, an activity that took up his whole life and that of his offspring. The artist who succeeded to blend painting with sculpture leaves behind a great work which shall serve as inspiration for generations to come. Close to 150 artifacts given as a legacy to posterity and a creative work which makes this man qualified architect and artist. It is in the presence of culture officials and a mammoth crowd that the Deputy-mayor of Brazzaville unveiled the statue of this illustrious personality.


Inauguration of the Hilarion Ndinga cultural centre