Eugénie Opou puts a smile on the lips of sick children at the M’filou hospital

Despite the economic downturn marked by the absence of subvention, the Administrator-Mayor of the 7th municipality, Eugénie Opou, could not contain his emotions as he paid a visit to children admitted at the Sino-Congolese friendship Hospital to assure them of his love and compassion on the occasion of end-of-year festivities.

Shortly before this ceremony and in the presence of all medical staff, Eugénie Opou, took the resolution last December 18 to visit this health facility, to offer these children various gifts ranging from toys to food stuff. This was a gesture of goodwill, in his capacity as first mother of this municipality and above all to offer these children a psychological healing. « Healing does not come only from medication; it can also come from the human heat surrounding the sick » Eugénie Opou explained. It is worthy to note that the latter, since his assumption of duty at the helm of the municipality, has never missed an occasion to stop by this health facility in spite of the difficult financial context. Supported in this drive by the association of Pool women leaders, this programme, until the end of December, shall equally be oriented towards children of other social classes within the M’filou municipality, notably the most underprivileged. Among the actions to be undertaken this period is the opening of a games centre in order to enable children get enough recreation and entertainment during festive seasons. It is worth mentioning that during the visit to the M’filou hospital. Mothers of sick children admitted in the pediatric ward and those in the maternity ward each received a loin and some money to enable them better enjoy the end-of-year festivities. These mothers did not hide their joy at having benefitted from the compassion and largess of the Administrator-Mayor.


Remise des jouets aux enfants à l’hôpital  de Mfilou par l'administrateur Maire Eugénie Opou
Eugénie Opou gifts sick children at the M’filou hospital