The finance sector

Inauguration of the BSCA.Bank headquarters in Brazzaville

There are 75 Micro-Finance Institutions, 34 of which are independent and the rest organized under the network of the Mutuelle congolaise d'épargne et de crédit (MUCODEC) – Congolese Savings and Loans Mutual ; not forgetting a flourishing banking activity. Today the main banks providing banking services are BGFI Bank, the Banque Congolaise de l’Habitat, the Congolaise de Banque, United Bank for Africa, the Banque Commerciale Internationale, Ecobank, Espirito Santo Bank, Société Générale, the Banque Postale du Congo, the Banque syno-congolaise pour l’Agriculture. This setup attests to a financial inclusion marked by the determination of local authorities to increase its use of the banking system.