Hygiene and collection of domestic waste in Brazzaville

The new company in charge of hygiene and collection of domestic waste in the capital city has been working for some months now. A result of the cooperation policy undertaken by the mayor of the city, this project turns over the sad page of the PRO-BRAZZA company whose unclear agenda and premature collapse gave way to very negative comments towards the municipal administration.

From information gotten from the project coordinator, the presence of the company AVERDA is in line with the vision of the Mayor of Brazzaville, which consists in improving the standard of living of its citizens by offering them better living conditions in a clean environment. This investment carried out thanks to the Mayor of Brazzaville and AVERDA, will ensure quality services in the area of hygiene and collection of refuse in the avenues and back streets of the capital city, thereby giving them excellent visibility. This is a commitment made by the new operator in an area hitherto dominated by the informal sector. Beyond the attraction that comes with every innovation, what interest most Brazzaville dwellers in the facilities of this new company is the fact that the capital city is going to get rid of every attribute of a dirty town.

Assainissement et ramassage des ordures ménagères à Brazzaville
Hygiene and collection of domestic waste