The Mayor of Moungali in a War Against Unliscenced Rotissery Stands

Benjamin Loukakou, the Mayor of Moungali, is fighthing to move rotisseries away from gas stations located near Moungali’s roundabout. In recent weeks, the mayor has closed down two rotisseries operating near a gas station, citing them as dangers to the public. Mr. Loukakou acknowledges that these rotisseries provide a valuable service to the citisens of Brazzaville and Moungali in particular, however, their close proximity to gas stations (10 to 12 meters) pose a threat to public safety. The mayor’s decision to close down rotisseries around gas stations has been welcome by managers at these stations as well as some citizens.

“These owners of unliscened rotisserie stands around are not necessarily criminal but rather ignorant of the appropriate regulations,” the mayor declared. The mayor is thus hoping to raise awareness while closing down shops near potentially dangerous areas.