The Municipal Administration

The republic of Congo is divided into departments and municipalities. These are governed by freely by elected councils. According to law No 11 – 2003 of 6 February 2003 bearing on the special statute of the cities of Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire, Naguère municipality in Brazzaville became a separate department. It is for this reason that we have departmental and municipal councils.

Municipal and departmental councils are elected through direct universal suffrage for a renewable term of 5 years. Each councillor is from a political party or a group of political parties.

The President of the Departmental and Municipal Council and the Mayor of the city is elected by his pairs.

The municipal organisation of Brazzaville’s council comprises:

  • A President of the Departmental and Municipal Council/ Mayor;
  • A first Vice President/ Deputy Mayor;
  • A second Vice President/Second Deputy Mayor;
  • A First Secretary of the Departmental Council;
  • A Second Secretary of the Departmental Council.

Government services in these departments and council comprises, in addition to devolved services of civil administrations and law enforcement services, the following internal services:

  • The Mayor’s Office;
  • The General Secretariat of the Municipality;
  • The Municipal Finance Directorate;
  • The Directorate of Urban Land Management and Logistics;
  • The Directorate of Markets and Halls;
  • The Directorate of Communication and Sports;
  • The Directorate of Urban Sanitation and the Environment;
  • The Directorate of Funerals;
  • The Directorate of Studies and Technical Control;
  • The Social and Medical Directorate;
  • The Directorate of Information;
  • The Directorate of Culture and Tourism.

Each Directorate is run by a director who under whose authority is placed heads of services, sections and brigades.