The city of Brazzaville manages its land tenure in such a manner that takes the interests of its citizen into consideration of its fellow citizens. The terms of reference for publicity within Brazzaville is only partially if not rarely respected by all billboard users. Publicity remains an indispensable component of the urban landscape. When publicity bills take on ill-placed images and different forms (insignia, banners, billboards etc), it becomes a veritable eyesore and makes the city less attractive.

This disordered erection of publicity boards deteriorates the living space of Brazzaville dwellers and makes the municipality to lose financial resources necessary for the improvement of living conditions.

In light of this situation, the Mayor of the city decided to organize meetings with competent services to enable the drafting of an instrument regulating publicity. Every publicity within Brazzaville is governed by regulations in force.

This regulation is addresses :

  • Communication and publicity professionals who have to :
    • Show proof of their structure and its immatriculation (NIF) ;
    • Pay all tax and administrative dues ;
    • Obtain the Mayor’s authorisation.
  • Businessmen wishing to publicise their goods and services through wallpapers or stands placed on the ground.

No businessman has the right to design his own posters (billboards, banners etc.). These would have to be designed by professionals the list and models of which will be given them but they would first have to submit an application to the Mayor’s office to this effect.


The placing of banners in public has to be subject to prior autorisation from the Brazzaville Mayor’s office. This authorization can be gotten from the Directorate of Communication and Sports located on the 4th floor, room 413, of the Town Hall.