By the river

La Corniche of Brazzaville

Stroll on la Corniche

Boarding at Brazzaville’s La Corniche is embarking on a unique experience on Congolese soil, where one is caught up between the viaduct’s futuristic architecture, similar to that of Millau in France, and the luxurious vegetation of an African capital, all surrounded by the River Congo which is the second longest water body. This adventure leaves no one indifferent, beginning from the Congolese themselves who have never ceased to admire the prowess of engineers and technicians to tame the ravines of Lake Chad, to scores of tourists who appreciate strolling along the sidewalk of La Corniche, similar to the strolling of the English in Nice, where they can be engaged in sporting and recreational activities, in a spectacle forming a blend of fireflies songs and Congolese Rumba.